Want to retain a touch of class while you're cruising on two wheels? Check out this dapper reflective jacket from Dashing Tweeds...

Say “cycling jacket” to anyone, and the first image they’ll conjure up is probably an unflattering high-vis affair, probably involving zips and velcro, and definitely involving lycra. Yuck.

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But London-based menswear brand Dashing Tweeds are on a mission to inject some much-needed style into the realms of reflective cycling gear with a line of tweed jackets made from reflective yarn.

The latest jacket in Dashing Tweed’s range is the Dashing Harrington, a sleek bomber jacket made from British wool. The jacket features a new tweed fabric called ‘Lumatwill’, which is woven using 3M reflective yarn. It’s intertwined into every 10mm of the jacket to give it a reflective edge in low-light – perfect for the commuting city slicker.

To make the Dashing Harrington that extra bit commuter friendly, Dashing Tweeds has treated the jacket with a Teflon coating for extra waterproofing and protection against rain and bike grease.

We’re not sure exactly how reflective the jacket is, and whether it can ever completely replace your trusty high-vis in the dead of night, but there’s no denying it’s a pretty good-looking jacket in its own right. It’s finished with corduroy cuffs, with a handy inside pocket for your phone or iPod, and it’s got a nice high collar to keep the wind of your neck.

Any dapper gents sick of sacrificing their street cred on their urban commute should definitely consider the Dashing Harrington – that’s if you’re lucky enough to be able part with the £850 the jacket costs. High-vis not looking so shabby now, eh?

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