It's ever dieter's dream.

Got any idea what’s really in that jumbo plate of spicy wedges you’re about to shovel down with your lunch? Meet DietSensor, the smart food scanner by French company SCiO that tells you all of the good, bad and downright ugly stuff that’s lurking your food.

DietSensor is a handheld scanner that connects to an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you point it at your food and click, it’s able to detect its nutritional value and send a detailed report straight to your phone in seconds.

DietSensor 1From calorie count and carbohydrate percentage to fat and protein levels, this tiny food psychic can determine the chemical makeup of both food and drink to give you a real – and often stark – insight into the grub you’re about to eat.

It works with practically any food item or meal you’re about to eat too. Basically anything you can eat, DietSensor can scan. How mind-boggling is that?

How does it even begin to do this? That’s down to some clever optical sensing tech called near infrared spectroscopy. Basically, all of the different molecules in your food vibrate and interact with light in their own way, giving them a unique optical signature. DietSensor’s optical sensor can read that signature to determine the chemical makeup of your food.

DietSensor 2After it’s worked its magic, the DietSensor app will then step in, providing suggestions on how to adjust your diet to make it healthier – if it needs adjusting at all, that is.

The DietSensor food scanner is currently only available in France, the US, and Canada for $249 (£174), plus a $10 (£7) monthly subscription to the app. There’s no news yet when it’ll be available in more countries, but you can sign up here to be among the first to know when it’s up for pre-order.