A heart rate monitor in your business card is certainly one way to make a lasting impression.

Worried your tired old business card doesn’t stand up to the laser cut, origami-folded, innovative works of creative genius that some clever so-and-sos are handing out these days? Perhaps its time to up your game and get a business card with a smart brain.

The ECG business card (or “electroCARDiograph” as 9gag user Idsnowbored christened it) has a fully-functioning heart rate monitor tucked inside that can measure the pulse and beats per minute of whoever’s holding it.

When you place both of your thumbs on the little sensors, the card quickly takes a reading and displays the results on a tiny screen in real-time, like so:ECG business cardThe ECG business card is a self-funded project by MobilECG, a company that’s attempting to redesign the traditional ECG machine. MobilECG claim that their little pulse-tracker is good enough to clearly capture the P, Q, R, S, and T waves of the ECG signal.

However, the company is also quick to point out that although it’s indeed very accurate, the card is just a toy, and shouldn’t replace a professional ECG machine.

Still, that hasn’t tempered the internet’s response, with the card generating in excess of 41,000 upvotes when it hit 9gag earlier this year.

Anyone who wants to get in line for the card can sign up to know when it’s available. Or, if you’re something of a tech dabbler, you can check out these PDFs for the open-source schematics to build one yourself.