Ditch annoying headphones for good and get all of your tunes beamed through your hat with BE Headwear's awesome range of Bluetooth beanies.

Sick of the tangled cables and unsightly earbuds of bog-standard headphones killing your vibe? Make an entirely different fashion statement with one of BE Headwear’s Bluetooth beanies.

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Designed with both your comfort and street cred in mind, BE Headwear’s range of Bluetooth beanies give you access to your entire music collection on the go, with concealed wireless headphones for the ultimate experience in sneaky listening or the ultimate ski-holiday tunes for the slopes.

The Bluetooth tech in each beanie is concealed in a tiny back compartment in the back of the hat, which you’ll find underneath a control panel cleverly disguised as a label, like this one.Be Headwear control panel

With the Bluetooth device linked up to your phone, MP3, or whatever Bluetooth device you’re carrying, you’ll be able to skip songs, crank up the volume, and even answer calls from your phone hands-free just by tapping the little buttons on your hat. One tap of the plus and minus symbols lets you skip up or down a track, and a press-and-hold will toggle the volume either way. It’s as simple – and as discreet – as that.

See that tiny hole underneath the beanie’s label? That’s the port for charging the device when it runs out of steam. You should get a hefty 6 hours of continuous play time out of it, but when it’s time to juice up, just stick the hat’s mini USB charger in the port and give it a couple of hours to recharge. If you’re not playing music through the beanie, it has about 60 hours of standby life.

You can grab a BE Headwear Bluetooth Beanie in a ton of colours, styles, and textures from BluetoothBeanies.com.


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