Need a helping hand to kick-start your exercise regime with a bang? Meet Fitbit Blaze...

Fitbit has launched Fitbit Blaze, the latest activity tracker-smartwatch hybrid that wants to guzzle up your fitness stats and phone notifications from your wrist.

With automatic exercise recognition, heart rate tracking, and a welcome injection of style, it’s just the ticket to give us all a much-needed shove in the direction of the gym.

So what’s it got? Well, how about a colour touchscreen, heart rate tracker, GPS, automatic exercise recognition, and a wrist-based exercise coach to get the ball rolling?

Without an unwieldy chest strap in sight, Fitbit Blaze will measure both your active and resting heart rate, syncing wirelessly with the Fitbit dashboard app on your phone in real time to help you keep track of your progress.

When you’re on the move, that GPS will instantly spring to life, patiently monitoring your speed, pace, and distance travelled across various activities.

Fitbit Blaze’s clever trick is SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, meaning it can differentiate between biking, hiking, running, aerobics, and sports. Activites like Zumba, tennis, and football will get logged into one of those categories in the dashboard, all counting towards your weekly fitness goals.

There’s a multi-sport mode too, so if you’re working out boot camp style, it’ll record combinations of activities like biking, cardio, running, weights, and yoga.

How about a miniature personal trainer on your wrist? Fitbit Blaze includes FitStar, which brings onscreen step by step workouts with animated images to its screen. No app, no smartphone, just you and a tiny coach person dancing on your wrist.

When you fancy cranking up the volume while you work up a sweat, you can even control your music from Fitbit Blaze, with the ability to play, skip, and pause songs from your mobile using the onscreen controls.

And because there’s no ‘smart’ in smartwatch without handy wrist alerts, Fitbit Blaze will suck up text, call, and calendar alerts straight from your phone.

That’s all spiffing, but Fitbit Blaze’s real crowning glory is that it looks more like a stylish watch than a fitness tracker. Granted, it’s still a bit of a chunky monkey, but it’s yours to customise with interchangeable bands, frames, and a variety of analogue and digital clock faces.

It’s also sweat, rain, and splash proof, so it’s not afraid of a grizzly morning jog, but it’s not fit for the pool, sadly.

You can grab Fitbit Blaze for just £159.99.