Move over, Fitbit; Fitti Guard is a new fitness tracker on the block that wants to go above and beyond your average band.

A German company called Fitti is about to launch a brand new fitness tracker called Fitti Guard that notices much more than just what’s going on inside your body.

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Packing a whole host of sensors that measure ultraviolet rays, gamma-ray radiation, barometric pressure, noise exposure, and even air quality, Fitti Guard comes with a slightly out of the ordinary list of tricks, and is another example of a personal environmental sensor.

Take that ultra-violet sensor, for instance. As well as being able to inform you about your level of sun exposure, it also allows for an alert to slap on the sun-screen when you’re out and about – just in case you’re too busy working up a sweat to remember.

The air quality and noise exposure sensors pair up to bring an extra level of depth to your sleep tracking, monitoring the environmental factors in your bedroom to let you know whether it’s time to open a window to diffuse the humidity, or maybe silence the buzz outside with some earplugs.

Another nice touch is it’s fall detection feature, which presumably is there to differentiate between a vigorous morning jog and an accidental stumble over a pothole.

On a basic level, Fitti Guard will plug away at all of the obligatory stats like heart rate, GPS location, altitude, step count, and so on. It also has a nice clear clock face for at-a-glance time-keeping.

You’ll be pleased to hear that its activity tracking function is automatic, so it’ll fire into golf mode when it recognises your swing, and likewise with sports like tennis and basketball.

The know-it-all tracker is set to hit Kickstarter in the next month to rack up its funding. In the meantime, check out Fitti’s website for more info.