Your sky-high fever is about to become everybody's business...

Update: Flo has been fully funded and is now accepting orders from

Hong Kong-based IoT startup Zeraph wants to make it easy to monitor and track your temperature with its smart thermometer, Flo.

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Currently racking up funding over on Kickstarter, Flo comes packed with infrared sensors, a Bluetooth chip, and LED lights to monitor and track your flu symptoms in more depth than you ever imagined. And probably wanted.

The fun starts when you hover the thermometer about a centimetre above your head, which is all you need to do to take your temperature. Three LED lights in white, green, and red will indicate whether you’re abnormally cold, fine, or abnormally hot, or your can just check the Flo app on your phone to get an accurate reading. Flo sends it the the app in real-time via Bluetooth, so you can see it instantly.

Zeraph is touting Flo as a ‘social thermometer’, which is the exact opposite of what anyone wants to be when they’re running a fever, but there it is in black and white. It’s down to how the Flo app handles your readings, which includes the ability to share your temperature with the doctor, or any friends and family who might be interested.

The sharing continues with a built-in camera function in the app that lets you save snaps of your ill face, and add notes like time, date, temperature, and location. Again, you can forward these on to anyone who’s invested in your tale of woe. As Zeraph says: “Every reading has a story”.

In all seriousness, Flo is probably going to be a huge hit with concerned parents, and the camera function could be a life-saver if a fever comes with accompanying symptoms like skin rashes or other physical reactions. Zeraph says it can also be used to take the surface temperature of liquids, which could prove handy for parents when preparing baby formula.

Flo doesn’t require a wire or a charging dock, simply running on a coin battery. It’s up for pre-order from $52 (around £37).