Prepare to become an H2O wizard.

Running out of water when you’re out and about and thirsty is the stuff of nightmares. And no matter how hard you try to ration your precious supply, there doesn’t seem to be a water bottle in the world big enough to quench your thirst throughout life’s great adventures.

But that’s about to change with the arrival of Fontus Airo. Named after the Roman god of wells and springs, and designed around the principle of thermoelectric cooling, Fontus Airo is the water bottle that never gets empty.

With a clever combination of tiny solar panels, a cooler, filter and some straight-up science, Fontus Airo collects moisture from the air, condenses it and stores it as safe drinking water for you to gulp on all day long.

No trips to the tap, no sparing sips, and no more being thirsty when you’re on the go. Just one bottle and endless drinks – straight from thin air.

fontus-airo-2Actually, it’s straight from moist air, to be precise. The incredibly smart thermoelectric cooling system Fontus Airo uses is reliant on moisture actually being present in the air in the first place. The man behind the bottle, Viennese designer Kristof Retezár, claims it can gather as much as half a litre of drinking water in under an hour, moisture permitting.

It works by heating and cooling different components of the bottle’s filter using electricity generated by the solar panels. The upper chamber is cooled, while the bottom chamber is heated, and any air that gets sucked into the bottle while you cycle moves through the upper chamber to cool down.

Fontus Airo Fontus Ryde bike

The Fontus Ryde model is perfect for thirsty cyclists

In the upper chamber, the air condenses into water and drips into the bottle in the form of safe, thirst-quenching H2O. There’s even a dust filter to make sure your water is super-smooth and grit-free.

Fontus Airo is currently undergoing last-minute tweaks before being released into the world, and you can visit to stay up to date with the latest. There’s also a Fontus Ryde model in the making too, which is designed to fit snugly inside a holster on your bike.