Wake up feeling groggy this morning? If so, it's probably time you met the Nuyu Sleep System. It's a mattress pad that alters its temperature to help you sleep better.

Using an algorithm that matches your body’s cicardian rhythm, or body clock, the Nuyu Sleep System warms you up as you’re going to sleep, and cools you down during the night to promote deep sleep. And then it warms you up to avoid a frosty start to your morning.

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Nuyu’s mattress pad is controlled over Bluetooth with a free iOS or Android app that uses stats like your age, weight, gender, and the ambient temperature of the room to adjust its hot and cold flow. There’s an option to program your own nocturnal temperature pattern if you want to go off-piste from Nuyu’s algorithm too.

As well as helping you nod off, Nuyu Sleep System doubles as a sleep tracker, monitoring your sleeping patterns and working out exactly how long you slept. You can then check out this info in the app come morning.

Check out this video to learn more about how the Nuyu Sleep System could help improve conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia:

Unlike traditional electric blankets, the Nuyu Sleep System is powered by a small water pump that slips under your bed. The mattress pad itself is washable, and torso-sized to fit cosily under the sheets of any size bed.

The Nuyu Sleep System is $399 (around £324), and is currently only available in the US and Canada.


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