Fossil's slender and stylish new fitness band is a one-tap portal to the things you love the most.

Fossil has lifted the lid on a brand new fitness band called Q Motion, and as well as tracking your sleep, the sleek little band puts you just one tap away from a ton of cool, convenient little luxuries.

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On a basic level, Q Motion will suck up app, message and call notifications from your phone, making them known to you with mini vibrations and twinkling LED lights. You can prioritise which apps and contacts you receive notifications from in Q Motion’s app (iOS and Android), which is handy if you don’t really want your wrist to buzz when your phone bill comes through, but you do really want to know when you’ve got a message from that person.

At its finest, Q Motion is an activity-tracking, sleep-monitoring fitness fiend, monitoring your every waking and slumbering hour with its built-in smart sensors. There will be all sorts of data crunching to dip into in the app, of course.

As well as the new ability to track sleep, Q Motion’s smart tap tech is another first for Fossil’s line of fitness bands. A customisable feature in the app, smart tap tech gives you the ability to access certain luxuries and functions with just a single tap of your wrist. From firing up a playlist to snapping a selfie or even finding your phone – it’s all at your fingertips.

The best news is that Q Motion runs on a coin cell battery that will put in a solid 6 month shift before needing replacing, so that’s one less thing to have to worry about charging. It also happens to be a pretty little thing, with a cylindrical little module and super-skinny band, making a welcome change to some of the silicone bulk we get lumbered with in the wearable world. It’s available in a few different colours so there should be an option for everyone.

Fossil Q Motion will be up for grabs this summer for $95 (£66). Find out more here.