Finally a folding bike that has the same charm and appeal as a standard set of wheels.

Remember that time you rode your brand new folding bike all around town purely so the whole world could see how cool it was? Probably not. While they’re not exactly ugly, folding bikes are a bit of an eyesore next to your standard elegant ride.

Sadly, a folding bike is incredibly practical and useful – especially for cycling commuters who have to navigate steps and public transport on their way to work. So what to do? Swallow your pride? Ride with a paper bag over your head?

Actually, turns out there’s a better way. This FUBi Fixie is a full-size folding bike that boasts the same looks, price and riding features as a ‘normal’ bike. It uses only standard bicycle parts expect for the elegant folding frame, allowing you to use your own custom parts or standard parts for the ultimate tailor-made folding set of wheels. Isn’t it beautiful?

FUBi Fixie lifestyleFUBi Fixie is easy to fold up without tools in around 5 to 10 seconds, and even has a double-action folding, locking mechanism thrown in for safety. When used as a fixed gear it rolls on the front wheel for safety, or on both wheels when you’re using it as a single gear.

FUBi Fixie bike demoAs well as being a dream to stow away and carry when you’re on the go, FUBi Fixie’s clever design makes it super-compact to tether to a lamp post or cycle hub. When folded, its front wheels allow a gap for slotting it neatly out of the way, like this:

FUBi Fixie parkedThe excellent news is that FUBi Fixie has smashed its funding goal over on Indiegogo, and is taking pre-orders with a release date fixed for October this year. The standard FUBi Fixie deal comes with a pair of 700c wheels, and will set you back just €470 £373. There’s also a 3-speed hub-gear version up for grabs sitting at €580 (£460). Both versions are available with various frame sizes.