G-RO is a smart carry-on suitcase with a concealed battery that can charge your phone, tablet, and laptop on the go.

Juice up your gadgets on your way through the airport with this smart carry-on suitcase, featuring a powerful built-in battery and special pockets for your various devices.

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With an optional electronic module that packs a whopping 23,000 mAh battery, G-RO can charge your phone, laptop, and tablet all at one wherever its wheels are taking it. Or, you can save it all for your phone and get up to ten whole charges on the go. That’s enough to keep you comfortably powered up throughout an entire holiday.

Speaking of wheels, one of G-RO’s main attractions is a pair of super-sturdy all-terrain wheels that apparently have no problem tackling cobblestones, curbs, steps, gravel, snow, and even sand. This is because they’re made from tough as old boots aerospace and firearm-grade polymers.

The wheels are also noticeably bigger than those of standard carry-on. This is a deliberate effort to support the case closer to its centre of gravity, which makes it feel significantly lighter when you pull it along. And trust us, you’ll be glad of the help when you hear what you can pack in.

As well as having tons more space inside for your stuff because the wheels are completely on the outside of the case, G-RO has a number of custom-designed pockets to keep your devices safe and snug. There’s an exterior pocket for laptops, an easy-access waterproof compartment for liquids, and a removable garment bag for your formal clothes.

It has also somehow managed to squeeze in a built-in tablet stand, which slots out to give you the ultimate portable workstation.

That optional electronic module we mentioned sits in G-RO’s base, with two USB charging ports that power the bag’s upper charging stations, and a universal power outlet. It’s also kitted out with a location and proximity tracker that lets you find its location via Bluetooth wherever you are in the globe.

Other finishing touches like a curved base to stop it grazing the ground, and an extra-long handle for tall travellers make this possibly the smartest little travel companion on the market. Oh, and it only weighs 3.6kg, which is an impressive feat considering all those handy extras.

The bad news, however, is that G-RO’s price tag isn’t so lightweight. It’s currently up for pre-order on Kickstarter for $279 (£185). The even worse news is that if you want the optional electronic module, you’ll have to cough up a further $99 (£65). Still, frequent flyers take note.

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