Miss your favourite music stations when you're away from home? Now you can tune in wherever you are with this portable Pure digital radio.

The One Mini Series 2 may have a confusing name, but it’s got one simple, brilliant purpose. To bring you all of your favourite DAB stations in crystal clear quality when you’re on the go.

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At just 13cm tall, One Mini Series 2 is almost pocket-sized, making it the perfect travel companion for a camping trip, beach jaunt, or road trip. When paired with an optional battery pack, this dinky little radio can brave a whopping 30 hours of continuous playback, giving you instant access to 16 preset stations, including eight FM channels, when you’re on the go.

If none of the preset stations take your fancy, you can always wire up your iPod or other compatible music devices to the aux in and enjoy tunes from your own collection. You can either embrace the radio’s punchy audio quality and crank up the volume with carefree abandon, or keep your cringe 90s party mix the DL and plug in your headphones.

Whatever disastrous throwback playlist you choose to rock out to, One Mini Series 2 will display the current song’s details on its LED screen in scrolling text, which you can pause and control at your leisure.

One Mini Series 2 is available in satin-touch black or white, and it’s got a pleasingly pint-sized price tag at just £49.99. If you want the extra battery life, you’ll need to bundle in the ChargePAK B1, which you can bag for just £27.99.

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