VÜ Pulse is an affordable little add-on for your Pebble watch that turns it into a fitness tracking mean machine with wireless charging.

As if Pebble Time hasn’t has enough luxury treatment of late, what with these fun new custom watch faces, another gadget has entered the market that wants to jazz up its fitness tracking game.

With an optical heart rate sensor, QI wireless charging capabilities, and its own custom-built app, VÜ Pulse is a compact, discreet little case that sits snug behind your Pebble Time’s face. Along with all of your usual stats like step count, calories burned, and distance travelled, VÜ Pulse will relay your heart rate to the Pebble Health app for a much more in-depth account of your health and fitness progress.

To preserve its battery life, VÜ Pulse takes a heart rate reading every 30 minutes in what it calls Passive Mode, which should give you a decent baseline measurement of your fitness level. If you want more accuracy when you’re hitting the gym, you can manually enter into Workout Mode in the device’s app to up the readings to every 10 seconds. When you reach your max heart rate, it’ll gently vibrate to remind you to take a breather.

Of course, the big question with the HR-tracking function on all smart wrist-wear is just how accurate a reading it can take, and it certainly sounds like VÜ Pulse is up for the challenge. Its maker, TYLT, claims it uses a specific algorithm to filter out any extraneous data or “noise” that might interfere with the device’s reading, putting it up there with some of the top-selling HR-tracking bands.

Last, but by no means least, is VÜ Pulse’s wireless charging trick. Instead of having to tether your Pebble to a plug socket with a USB cable like some ludicrous luddite to charge it, all you have to do with VÜ Pulse in tow is pop your watch on any QI wireless charging pad for a couple of hours.

VÜ Pulse can be found smashing its funding goal over on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order it for the early bird price of $44 (around £30).