A serious strength tracker for gym fiends who lift.

Anyone who does weights at the gym isn’t in it for the fun. It’s all about becoming more powerful, pushing the boundaries of their own strength and – of course – carving out those abs. Not exactly a walk in the park. So it always helps to have a little encouragement, and that’s where GymWatch comes in.

A sensor-packed wearable that grips your arm or leg while you’re hitting it hard, GymWatch is a tracking, coaching and morale-boosting gym buddy that gives you that all-important push to the next level.

GymWatch app desktopSimply strap it on before your workout to get access to over 900 voice-led exercises that beam through your headphones while you sweat it out. You can either dive straight into a reps session and let GymWatch track in its default mode, or choose a preset workout template from the app tailored to your individual skill level.

GymWatch will provide real-time feedback on everything from the quality of your movement and control to your strength level, rep count and exercise execution. And if you’re not wearing earbuds, you can just follow the LED light signals on the wearable’s display that indicate your reps and speed.

GymWatch lifestyle 2Post-gym sesh, you can see a thorough breakdown of your workout in simple graphs, which makes it ridiculously easy to track your progress over time. You can even strap a GymWatch both on your leg and arm to simultaneously track stats from various upper and lower body exercises

GymWatch has a 30 day battery life and is built from sturdy stuff to resist a hammering from your sweaty gym bod.

You can buy it for £129.99 from Amazon.