The lightweight glove with spinning discs could reduce debilitating tremors by up to 80%.

A 26-year-old trainee medical student in London has struck upon a medicine-free method of almost completely banishing the hand tremors common to Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor sufferers.

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The fingerless glove, coined the GyroGlove, is equipped with a gyroscope that spins at 20,000 rpm – faster than a jet turbine – to counter hand tremors instantaneously. The hope is that the glove will enable its wearer to make smooth, slow movements with their hands, maintaining enough stability to carry out basic actions like making a cup of tea, writing with a pen, and holding a knife and fork.

The glove’s founder, Faii Ong, and his team at GyroGear liken the sensation of wearing Gyroglove to like moving your hand through thick treacle, and say that early stage testing reduced tremors by as much as over 80%.

Given that Parkinson’s disease affects between approximately 7 and 10 million people worldwide, with Essential Tremor 8 times more common, Gyroglove isn’t just a pet project. Ong and his team are developing the glove’s patent-pending tech as we speak in a bid to bring it to as many hand tremor sufferers as possible.

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