Attention compulsive stress-heads: this Halo headband wants to train you to fight migraines.

Halo is a headband by BioTrak that trains you to combat pesky headaches. Ditch the paracetamol, cold packs, and dimly-lit rooms, because Halo wants to singlehandedly transport you to a zen of calm using smart tech.

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This headache hack works in two parts – the band around your head, and a phone app for both iOS and Android. Packed with an army of biosensors, the band sits on your forehead and monitors the subtlest changes in muscle tension.

When it senses there’s a headache on the horizon, it gently vibrates to alert you, and sends a signal to the app. The app will then suggest a series of relaxation exercises developed by top clinical specialists to help you stave off the oncoming head fog.

The aim is that over time, Halo will train your body to relax naturally to combat headaches, meaning you’ll eventually be able to ditch the uncool headgear and get back to the important things in life.

For extra insight into your headache woes, the app will also keep a record your muscle tension data to help you track your progress over time, which could be helpful in identifying trends and triggers – if you’re not already aware of them, that is.

BioTrak reckons Halo is the perfect alternative solution to all kinds of bothersome conditions aside from the dreaded migraine, including TMJ pain and chronic tension headaches. The company points to figures that suggest an estimated 90% of the population suffer from headaches, so it’s certainly one gadget we’re in dire need of.

Halo will be available in the second half of 2016 at $200 (£137), which doesn’t seem so much when you calculate the cost of a lifetime of paracetamol.


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