A heatwave is officially upon us. Or as our grandparents used to call it, summer. Here's some awesome tech that will help you cool off when you inevitably overdose on sunshine this week...

Mini iPhone fan – For easy, breezy selfiesHaweel iPhone USB fan

A handheld fan is a wonderful thing for cooling off in a heatwave, but it can be limiting in certain situations. Par example, when you’re holding your mojito in one hand, and trying to take a selfie of you drinking your mojito with the other. How is one supposed to ooze summer bliss in 32˚ heat without the assistance of personal air conditioning?

Luckily, the gadget of your dreams is here to save you from the sweaty, red-faced shame. It plugs into your iPhone’s charging port like a tiny helicopter propeller for a cooling breeze to your face. It doesn’t need any batteries because your iPhone powers it, and there’s no app because it works the instant you plug it in. Perfect.

You don’t just have to use it for concealing the fact that you’re a sweaty mess for selfies, either. It will work whether you’re using your iPhone or not, so you can browse Instagram, Facebook and text as normal while the fan spins away, or just hover it by your face like any other fan.

There are various options available on Amazon for iPhone-compatible mini fans – this one is currently on sale for £2.98.

Attention Androiders! There’s a mini USB version available here. You’re welcome!

Capresso Iced Tea Maker – Summer drinks sortedCapresso Iced Tea Maker

Iced tea is one of the greatest things about hot weather, and with this cool Capresso Iced Tea Maker, you can kick back with your very own tailor-brewed icy blend.

With a removable water tank and a filter for either loose tea or tea bags, Capresso makes it super-easy to whip up a chilly treat. Just throw in a bunch of juicy fruit (fresh or frozen), load up your tea of choice, fill ‘er up with ice and watch while Capresso brews the frosty good stuff.

There’s even a slider on the front of the machine to let you adjust the brew strength to your individual taste for the perfect flavour, and if you’re big on tea, you can throw in some coffee and concoct yourself an iced latte instead.

When Capresso is finished brewing, all you have to do is pull out the pitcher and pour. The machine’s major parts are removable and dishwasher-safe, so you can spend less time slaving away over the washing up bowl, and more time slurping your refreshing tea.

You can buy Capresso for $59.99 (£40) here. It doesn’t look like the Capresso online ship ships to the UK, but there are a few knocking about on eBay that do.

Netatmo Weather Station – Get some sunny alertsNetatmo Weather Station

OK, this one isn’t going to keep you cool per se, but we love its weather-savvy ways nonetheless. The Netatmo Weather Station is a pair of metrological measuring devices that sit inside and outside of your house to give you all kinds of updates from the sky.

As well as connecting to local weather reports to let you know the forecast, the Weather Station also monitors variables like outdoor temperature, relative humidity, air quality and barometic pressure. It sends all kinds of graphical information to your phone to let you delve deeper into the conditions outside.

If you want to get a bit more nerdy about it, you can bag Netatmo’s Rain Gauge accessory to get an inevitable heads up when the British heavens are about to open and kill the summer dream. You could even snap up Netatmo’s Philippe Starck-designed thermostat and have your heating auto-adjust according to the weather.

You can buy the Netatmo Weather Station for £129.99 from John Lewis.

Geizeer – Your very own box of cold airGeizeer Personal Air Conditioner

A mini iPhone fan is all well and good, but it’s a temporary fix. If you want a proper boost of cooling air, this Geizeer portable air conditioner is the way to go.

Geizeer is made of wood, which is the perfect thermal insulator. It also makes it a much more aesthetically pleasing option than the plasticky white fan you were likely planning to pick up from the supermarket after work.

The air conditioner comes with two freezer packs that need a good stint in the freezer before Geizeer can work its magic. When they’re sufficiently chilled, just pop them inside Geizeer and switch it on. After a few seconds in contact with the ice packs, the cool air inside gets pushed out of all sides to fill your room with a welcome breeze.

For a well-insulated room of 12 square metres, Geizeer’s cooling capacity is a nice and nippy 3˚C.

Geizeer has smashed its funding goal on Kickstarter and is now up for pre-order at $109 (around £83). The only bad news is that shipping isn’t scheduled until December, so this is probably one for next year’s big heat.

Johnny Cool – The hottest cool box (that sings)Johnny Cool Cooler

Stacking solar panels to power it wirelessly while you’re picnicking, Johnny Cool is a phone-charging, cup-holding, food-chilling, music-playing wheelie box with enough gizmos and hidden surprises to make your old cool box look like some sort of depressing food coffin.

For starters, there are the built-in LED lights that automatically spring to life when you open the lid to make digging for food a doddle. There’s also a snap-out USB LED flashlight for emergency situations like chasing a rogue Scotch Egg downhill in the dark.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a waterproof USB charger for juicing up your devices at the beach, a chopping board, a rust-proof fruit knife, four cups, a built-in bottle opener, and even a pop-up, clip-on sun shield to keep your picnic fresh.

Stuck without a picnic table? Pull out the integrated mini detachable picnic table to enjoy your makeshift feast wherever you please. Stuck without your precious music? Pull out and switch on the Bluetooth speaker. Stuck without a blender? We kid you not. This thing has a 2-speed blender.

Despite not hitting its funding target on Kickstarter, Johnny Cool is still going into production as planned. Pre-orders are currently on hold, but you can check Indiegogo for news on when it’s available again.