Make teeth brushing the most fun part of the day with Playbrush, which turns any boring toothbrush into a video game controller.

Playbrush is a smart little gadget that fits onto any regular toothbrush to turn it into a motion-sensitive controller for a mobile game.

Let’s face it. Brushing our teeth is, and always will be, the most eyeball-achingly boring thing ever. Even as adults, it takes a special kind of self-discipline to make that detour via the bathroom as we stumble bleary-eyed to bed every night.

But with a Playbrush on board, brushing as we all know it is changed forever. Playbrush is a rubber device that snaps onto your regular toothbrush and connects to an app on your smartphone. Here, the fate of an entire virtual world rests on your brushing habits, with motion sensors in the device linking your movement to in-game performance.

Suddenly, every move you make with your brush becomes a weapon against the evil ogre Plaksta and his nasty army of Crobies. It’s not just a matter of personal hygiene anymore. The Tooth Fairy needs you. The people of Utoothia need you. Can you recover the twelve lost teeth, restore peace to the land, and gain the title of Star Brusher?

Playbrush demoFrankly, it sounds like a lot of responsibility just before bedtime. Not to mention a recipe for some seriously messed up post-brushing dreams. But it certainly beats the monotony of scrubbing your gnashers with your feet firmly in the real world.

As well as the incentive of defeating evil, the Playbrush app lets kids visit multiple worlds, play different quests, and earn points for brushing regularly. The games are all designed to keep you brushing for two minutes at a time, which will absolutely fly by once you get to shooting down the baddies.

It’s suitable for kids aged 3 to 12 and is completely waterproof. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of putting your smartphone at the mercy of your small child and the bathroom sink, you can buy Playbrush as part of a bathroom kit, which includes a safe mount for your device.

Its battery will last for around a month of regular brushing before needing charging via a micro USB cable, and it’s conveniently compatible with all iOS and most Android devices.

Grab a Playbrush for £35, a bathroom kit for £39, or two Playbrush devices for £61 from the Playbrush online store.