HERO is the smart gadget that takes the headache out of storing and dispensing medication and does all the work for you.

Infuriating child locks, confusing charts and setting alarms to keep on track of your medication is a thing of the past with HERO, the automated pill dispenser that makes managing medication safe, simple and reliable.

HERO organises all your vitamins, supplements and medication and dispenses your set dosage into one container at the press of a button. It stores all your tablets within the device so you won’t need to clutter up your cabinet with bottles or confuse different tablets, and then gives you alerts and reminders when it’s time to take your medication.

This innovative gadget is also great for ensuring a family member is taking their medication as you can receive up-to-date notifications to your phone letting you know when they have taken their pills. The app also maps out which pills were taken and at what time so you can get a better picture of their routine. You can also program alerts to remind you when your stock is running low and needs refilling.

To dispense your pills, simply pour each bottle into a different cartridge, which easily slots back into the main body, stores any shape or size pill, and can hold over a month’s supply of ten different pills.

And while child locks can be a nightmare for adults too, HERO is secured with a password to keep them away from curious kids.

HERO is set to retail for around $450 (£315) but is currently only available for pre-order in America for now with no word on when it will come across the pond but can keep an eye on it here.