It's like having a personal healthcare robot buddy at home.

Whether you’re on a temporary or permanent course of meds, or simply popping vitamins and supplements to stay healthy, remembering to take your pills can be a hassle. This Hero pill dispensing bot wants to take away the burden.

With hidden compartments for a month’s supply of up to 10 different pills, Hero sits on your worktop or table to deliver your pill cocktail straight into a neat little cup when you need it.

With the app on your phone, you can tell Hero exactly which pills you need to take and when, and the bot will send you a notification when it’s time. In the meantime, Hero is always locked and password protected to prevent anyone accessing your pills who shouldn’t.

Hero Smart Pill DispenserAnd because remembering to pick up your prescription can be just as much of a pain as remembering to take your pills, Hero will also keep an eye on your stock and let you know if you’re running out of a particular pill.

Hero isn’t just great for your own health needs, though. Some of its features make it perfect for those taking care of loved ones in need, such as elderly parents or sick relatives. For instance, you can toggle Hero’s notification settlings to alert your phone when your gran has taken her pills, and see insights about her progress with her meds.

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The only caveat we have about Hero is its price – that, and the fact that it’s currently only available in the US. It’s on the market at $599 (around £455), which is a hefty sum if you’re not going to be taking meds forever. If you’ve got the money to throw at it, though, it can probably bring a peace of mind that’s worth a thousand times that price tag.