Want to track your fitness and health without being weighed down by bulky tech? Look no further than the Hexoskin Smart shirt...

The Hexoskin Smart shirt is a lightweight sports vest embedded with smart sensors that record your movement, heart rate, and even your breathing, and transmit the data to your smartphone or tablet.

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Without a chest strap, fitness band, or smartwatch in sight, the Hexoskin Smart shirt alone will collect all manner of fitness data in real time, save it to the cloud, and beam it to your device for the ultimate lightweight fitness logging.

This is possible via a tiny Bluetooth device that sits in your side pocket, enabling wireless communication with other devices like smartphone and tablets. You can either have the it send your stats directly to your favourite apps like RunKeeper, MapMyRun, and Runtastic, and Strava, or directly to the Hexoskin dashbard.

On the dashboard on your phone or tablet, you can access all of your data whenever you like. And that should be a fairly hefty helping of data, because Hexoskin Smart shirt will keep itself busy both day and night to keep an eye on your body’s activity.

Information like your acceleration rate, steps, cadence, heart rate, and breathing during a workout are joined by insights into your body’s recovery, fatigue levels, and even your sleep quality and efficiency. On top of your workout data, it’s a handy little indicator about what daily occurrences cause you stress, or just seriously chill you out.

A forewarning for anyone whose ears perked up at the mention of fitness apps, they will only suck up your heart rate data, and nothing else. If you want the full shebang of fitness logging, you’ll have to stick with the native dashboard app.

As well as being able to watch your fitness data evolve over time in the dashboard, you can also choose to share you’re progress with anyone willing to listen. This could be your fitness coach, doctor, or friends and family who are keen on keeping up to date with your progress too.

You can get in line for a Hexoskin Smart shirt from its Indiegogo campaign for an early bird special price of $299 (£205).

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