Who wouldn't want their very own mini hand dryer?

We use electronic hand dryers all the time in public toilets, but never in our homes. Why? Because they’re big, loud, expensive and a pain to install. That is, until Hömdry came along.

Currently inching ever closer to its funding goal on Indiegogo, Hömdry is a compact little home hand dryer designed to sit neatly on your kitchen countertop or in the bathroom for drying your hands…well, hands-free.


Hömdry comes with a wall mount in case you don’t have space for it to stand

It’s cordless with a wireless charging base, lasts for 1,920 hand-drying sessions on a full charge, and has an automatic hand sensor so you never even have to touch it. Just pop your wet hands under the hand sensor, and Hömdry will blast out clean air along with UV Blue light to blast germs that soap cant reach.

Hömdry comes with all the stuff you need to get it set up at home, including a wall mounting kit, external battery and standing dock. If you mount the dryer on the wall, its external battery is designed so that the device charges without needing to be removed.

Hömdry is neat and compact, so it takes up little space on your countertop

Hömdry takes up little space on your countertop

The only bit of work on your part is cleaning the HEPA filter once every 3 months. Just snap it out, give it a quick rinse and pop it back in again.

If you’re loving the idea of having your very own hand dryer, you can pre-order Hömdry from Indiegogo for just $89 (around £72). Worldwide shipping is set for December this year if the campaign hits its funding goal, and that’s looking likely; the campaign is 90% funded with over a week left to go. It’s available in black, white or chrome.