These noise-cancelling earplugs want to send you to sleep with only the most soothing sounds.


Most sleep earplugs we’ve met have been hell-bent on killing as much noise as possible from every angle, but Hush are a little different. These neat little earplugs cleverly let in only the sounds you want to hear, while blocking out the rest of loud, distracting world around you.

Hush connect to an app on your phone via Bluetooth LE, where you can customise the array of sounds that will fill your head during the night. There’s the usual playlist of soothing sounds of nature, including ocean waves, crackling fire, and a babbling brook, as well as white, brown, and pink noise.

Hush earplugs appCombined with Hush’s sound-eliminating memory foam buds and noise-masking tech, your chosen soundtrack should be the only thing you hear – that is, unless you want to let in some select sounds from outside. That’s where things get clever. You can use the app to choose which noises that matter you can interrupt Hush’s soundtrack, like in-ear notifications from your phone, an alarm, or even the sound of your partner’s voice.

Because the ear pieces are made from heat-sensitive memory foam, Hush are comfy even when you’ve got your head buried deep in your pillow. They’ll put in a good 8 hour shift before needing a charge, and come with their own pocket charging case.

Hush earplugs lifestyleLike other earplugs, Hush aren’t immune to falling out of your ears and getting lost in the bed, but they have a clever trick for helping you find them. Simple go into the app, tell it you’ve lost your earplugs and it’ll make them sound so you can easily dig them out from their hiding place.

Hush nailed their Kickstarter funding goal a few months back, but there’s no news on when you can actually get your hands on them. You can sign up here to be among the first to know when they’re up for grabs.