Just in case you've been too busy catching Pokémon to get your weekly fill of smart tech, here's what's been making our jaws drop...

Otterbox Resurgence – Serious iPhone pocket powerOtterBox Resurgence

Your iPhone is a delicate little flower that deserves a knight in shining armour, and this OtterBox Resurgence case wants to be that hero.

A sturdy military-grade case with wireless charging chops, OtterBox Resurgence will automatically juice up your phone while it’s in your pocket, and protect it from nasty damage when you fling the thing on the floor.

Its built-in battery is more than double the capacity of your iPhone’s, prolonging your precious time with your screen without you needing to go anywhere near a cable or socket.

It simply charges when it knows it’s needed while you’re going about your business, and auto-stops when your iPhone’s tank is full.

You can even sync files wirelessly too, or via a lightning cable if you have one lying around.

OtterBox Resurgence is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6S, 5 and 5S. You can buy the 5 and 5S version here and the iPhone 6 and 6S version here for $49.97 (around £39).

Bruno – Prepare to be impressed by a kitchen binBruno smart bin vacuum

Hiding WiFi and smart sensors galore underneath its lid, Bruno wants to do away with your dustpan and brush and bring the endless joys of connected waste disposal your kitchen.

Bruno’s crowning glory? It sucks. In a good way. As soon as motion sensors in the base of the bin detect your brush near it, a powerful vortex vacuum will guzzle up all of the dog hair, muck, grains of rice and other kitchen detritus lying about your floor straight into the bin bag within.

Bruno also connects to an app on your phone, where there’s a whole world of rubbish notifications waiting for you. Literally. When it’s time to put your bin out, Bruno will remind you. Running low on bin bags? Bruno will give you a nudge.

And because practically nothing is smart these days unless you can make it work by waving it at, Bruno also has a motion sensor lid for hands-free opening and closing.

i-Dime – Turn your iPhone into a Tardis for videosi-Dime

Sick of that ‘no available storage’ message popping up when you want to shoot video? Snap on this little fella.

The size of a US Dime – or about penny in the UK – the i-Dime is a magnetic gizmo that attaches to a special iPhone case to boost your iPhone’s poor storage allowance to a super-roomy 256GB.

Transferring your files with i-Dime couldn’t be easy. You can either upload them straight to the cloud from your phone, or grab one of the nifty USB sticks.

i-Dime snaps onto the USB stick in exactly the same way as with your phone. There’s also a lightning cable gizmo and a micro-USB fixture in case you want to share your superior iPhone snaps between devices.

The most basic early bird package up for pre-order is a 32GB i-Dime with a standard USB, micro-USB, lightning cable and case, which sits at $63 (around £47). If you opt for the mammoth 256GB in extra storage plus the case, you’re looking at $279 (around £210).

Ilumi Smartstrips – Throw some colour at your houseilumi Smartstrips

Currently raking in funding over on Kickstarter, ilumi Smarstrips are Bluetooth-powered, app-controlled LED light strips that you can stick inside or in the garden to make a veritable light show at home.

With the power to shine multicolour or almost any shade of white, they can be individually programmed with their own lighting effects and preset schedule to transform your boring space with endless lighting moods.

Stick them under your kitchen cupboards to cast rainbow colours on your worktops, under your bed to emit a soothing nightlight glow, or even outside to liven up your pool party. They’re water-resistant with an IP65 rating, so they’ll withstand splashes from your guests – and the sky.

When you’re not dipping into the app’s bank of preset effects, which includes a flickering bedtime candle and a gentle morning sunrise, you can link your ilumi Smartstrips to your Spotify account to make that snake of LEDs flash in time to the beat.

If you want to bag yourself some of these super-smart glow sticks, you can jump in line now and get them for an early bird price. The current best deal on Kickstarter sits at $59 (£45.50) for 2 metres of ilumi Smartstrips.

Blips – See things really, really close upBlips

Sometimes we forget that our phones are actually incredibly powerful tools for doing stuff other than texting, tweeting and taking selfies. And these tiny Blips are possibly the coolest gadgets we’ve ever met that bring out your phone’s many hidden talents.

Mini adhesive lenses that discreetly stick onto your phone’s camera lens, Blips have the ability to instantly transform your phone into a high-definition digital microscope for seeing the world in extreme miniature.

There are two kinds to choose from; A Macro Blip magnifies objects by 10X, letting you see detailed close-ups of insect parts, dew drops, and even the detailed contours of a human iris.

A Micro Blip is where things get seriously incy-wincy, allowing you to see details smaller than four microns. To put that into perspective, a human hair is around 100 microns in diameter.

The great news for everyone is that Blips come with an equally microscopic price tag. After smashing their funding goal on Kickstarter, Blips are now taking last-minute pre-orders on Indiegogo. Prices start at $24 (around £18) for a bundle containing 1 Micro and a 1 Macro Blip.

Uvex Variotronic FF – Cycling glasses reinventedUvex Variotronic FF cycling glasses

If you’ve spent a lot of time cycling on the road, you’ve probably experienced that temporary blindness when you hit a dark tunnel in your sunglasses, followed by that ultra-bright glare when your finally hit sunlight again.

That’s the kind of inconvenience that German eyewear maker Uvex is on a mission to crush once and for all. Equipped with some mind-blowing glass technology and a photocell light sensor, these all-weather Uvex Variotronic FF specs can adjust their tint in just 0.1 seconds according to the fast-changing light conditions around you.

Their adaptive magic is down to a clever partnership between that light sensor and whats in the lenses. They’re laminate of crystal, which gives them electrochromic abilities. That basically means they can change how much light they let in by clearing or tinting according to what the sensor is telling them.

You can also manually activate them by tapping a button on one arm to flick between on, off and automatic mode. Beats fumbling for your sunglasses every time you hit shade, we reckon.

They’re available in black or orange and white, and are rechargeable. Uvex isn’t currently shipping them outside of Germany from its online shop, but we found a pair here for £229.95.

Cora – A smart pour-over for coffee heavenCora pouring

If the clutter of all your coffee accoutrements is cramping your kitchen style, you’ll appreciate this sleek all-in-one pour-over.

A fledgling Kickstarter campaign from young Oregon-born creator Aaron Freyer,Cora perches elegantly in your kitchen to act as a kettle, brewer, digital scale and bean container at once. It’s also pretty beautiful, which helps.

Cora’s hardwood container base acts as an airtight storage space for your favourite beans and grounds, and can – according to Freyer – hold enough of the good stuff for a weekend away.

Atop the base is a Bluetooth scale, which links to an app on your phone to send an instant weight to an app on your phone from the carafe above.

That carafe is a curvy ceramic affair that helps with the brewing process. It clips to the scale magnetically, and is clad in natural cork to protect your hands from burning while you pour that liquid gold.

The final component is the ceramic kettle, which doubles up as a pouring spout when it’s placed inside the carafe. Just pick up the whole shebang and pour straight into your mug – à la only the best artisan coffee shops, yes?

It’s still early days for Cora on its journey to Kickstarter stardom, but that means you can jump in and snap up the best early bird bundle for $99 (around £75) before the coffee fiends swarm in.

Bug-A-Salt – Kill flies with condiments (really)

Bug-A-Salt Fly Gun

Bug-A-Salt is – to put it frankly – the ultimate murder weapon for flies and insects. It’s the tool that’s going to take you from mere fly hater to fully-fledged cold-blooded fly killer. Except there are no bullets here. Instead? You shoot those mother flippers with salt.

Once your gun is loaded with table salt, your salty killing spree can commence. The gun has an accuracy range of 3 feet, and will even blast bigger insect pests with a few additional shots.

And the good news is that there’s going to be no Breaking Bad-style clean-up, because the brutes will die in one piece from the impact. Coooool.

If, like us, you’re loathe to go around shooting up any old harmless wildlife for the sake of saving your jam sandwich, you’ll probably just be sticking to fly-blasting.

And if you’re one of those fragile folk who literally can’t harm a fly, Bug-A-Salt’s compelling list of utterly gross fly facts might sway you.

Ready to kill? You can grab Bug-A-Salt from Amazon for £49.99.