Get personalised in-ear coaching as you work out with these neat and discreet Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds.

You can choose from more than 40 exercises in the Jabra Sport Life app, from beginner to advanced, and Jabra will give you tailored motivational coaching whilst pumping your favourite tunes to optimise your workout.

If you incorporate running into your workout, Jabra’s integrated TrackFit motion sensor will come into play, measuring distance, pace, steps, cadence, and calories burned. The app will take into account all of your performance data to help you train at the right intensity

You can also use the app to plan, track and analyse every workout so that Jabra’s in-ear coaching sessions are perfectly tailored to your needs.

With an ergonomic design, Jabra won’t fall out of your ears, and at 16 grams, they’re so light you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. As you’d expect, they’re sweat, shock, and weatherproof, owing to their US military standard craftsmanship.

Nab a pair of Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds now for £119.99.