Access to medically precise heart rate monitoring is at your fingertips with these portable sensors.

Kardia gives you medical grade information by displaying your heartbeat on your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet as you would view an EKG machine in a hospital. It’s only about the size of your credit card but it is officially the most clinically validated mobile EKG and promises precise and accurate readings.

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As well as displaying your beats per minute and your heart rhythm, you can record how you are feeling that day using the voice memo function. The memos are for there to let you keep track of heart palpitations, caffeine intake, dietary habits and exercise patterns. You can also integrate your Kardia readings with the Health app on iOS or Google Health, which gives you personal insights, into how healthy your heart is.

The electrodes are designed to encourage you to take a proactive approach to caring for your heart so they are quick, discreet and can be attached to your devices or smartwatch band so they are always on hand.

All you need to do is place two fingers from each hand on the two sensors and hold them there for 30 seconds while the results appear on your screen. When the time is up you will receive a notification letting you know if your heart rate is within the normal range or if any abnormalities or atrial fibrillation (AF) is detected. You can then save the results, make notes and compare them to your previous readings.

Kardia can connect to both Apple and Android devices and helps you keep track of your ticker for just £99 and you can grab yours here.