Know you need to drink more water, but always too busy to remember? This smart water bottle will make sure you never forget.

It’s a well-known fact that water is vital for keeping our brains ticking, our bodies active, and all sorts of nasty health niggles at bay. But ask anyone if they actually drink enough of it, and you’d be surprised we’re not a nation of parched zombies.

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That’s where Seed comes in. Seed is a smart water bottle by Moikit that calculates how much water you need to drink, and gives you gentle reminders to keep you hydrated.

How does it work? Seed connects to the Moikit app on your phone via Bluetooth. Using a clever algorithm that monitors factors like body composition, your daily activity levels, and the temperature outside, the app formulates a simple daily hydration plan.

When you drink from Seed, its air-elastic water consumption tracking tech will detect every sip and send your water intake data in real-time to the app. If it notices you’re behind on your plan, the app will send you a notification to remind you to get gulping. It’s as simple as that.

Like health app such as Apple HealthKit, Seed will combine your drinking data with a whole host of other lifestyle factors like your exercise regime, sleep activity, and body weight to create a health profile you can watch evolve over time. Seed is actually compatible with Apple HealthKit, so if you’re already well into the swing of using it to log your lifestyle, you can just throw your drinking data into the mix and carry on.

Seed doesn’t just rest at keeping you quenched. The water bottle itself is packed with all sort of bells and whistles to make staying hydrated a little smarter. With an LED display integrated into its lid, Seed will display the temperature of your water with a single tap. Likewise, when you untwist the lid, the temperature display will kick in to let you know the temperature of what you’re about to drink.

Seed also has clever vacuum insulation to keep your water piping hot or nice and chilly for hours on end, so it’s the perfect little vessel for winter warmers like coco and coffee too. In fact, it’s so good at keeping stuff hot that it even has special notification for warning you if its hot contents are at a dangerous drinking temperature.

On the other hand, if the water inside Seed gets left for too long and goes stale, Seed will let you know it needs re-filling.

Seed runs on a battery pack that should give you around 1-2 years of continuous sipping. When it runs out, you can just buy a replacement from Moikit and swap it yourself.

The excellent news is that Seed is no more expensive than any high-quality thermostat without all the smart tech. It’s currently up for pre-order on crowdfunding site Indiegogo for just $44 (around £30) in tons of fun colours, with shipping set for February 2016.

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