Saturday afternoons spent traipsing around shops, peeling ill-fitting jeans off your legs and cursing confusing sizes could soon be over.

Sick of settling for a below average fit because you can’t face the sheer horror of trying on endless pairs of jeans to get the perfect ones? Aren’t we all. But thanks to these genius LikeAGlove leggings, our dream denims could be just around the corner.

LikeAGlove look like an ordinary pair of casual leggings you’d slump around the house in, but pull those bad boys on, and they suddenly become your personal tailor and shopper in one.

Simply press the ‘on’ button on the front (yes, there’s really an ‘on’ button on your leggings), open the LikeAGlove app on your phone (iOS and Android), hit ‘measure’, and LikeAGlove will begin to take precise measurements of your figure.

LikeAGlove measuringAfter about five seconds of sizing you up via clever sensors woven into the fabric of the leggings, all of your measurements will be beamed to the app via Bluetooth.

This is where the real magic starts. The LikeAGlove app has a vast cloud-based database of brands, models, and sizes to compare your measurements to, and will scour the shops to find all the retailers that have jeans matching your exact size.

LikeAGlove browing appThat’s one soul-killing day of traipsing around a shopping mall condensed into just a few seconds. We’ve leave it to you to work out exactly how many house (and tears) that’s going to save you.

If you don’t fancy buying the jeans that the app suggests, you can simply browse and buy matching styles yourself straight from your phone or tablet. Just like you usually do when you buy online – except with LikeAGlove, you know that what you buy is going to fit.

The best bit? LikeAGlove leggings barely cost the price of a pair of trousers, at a pre-order price of $69.99 (around £53). You can buy them here.