Give your old watch the smart treatment with this clever little clasp.

Is the only thing stopping you making the leap to a smartwatch the idea of giving up your beautiful, faithful old mechanical watch? Good news – now you can have the best of both worlds with this Link smart clasp.

Put simply, Link makes dumb watches smart. It snaps onto your watch in place of its old clasp to act as a functioning smart brain. With the Link operating system embedded under a curved OLED touchscreen display, Link sucks up incoming calls, messages, notifications from apps like Twitter and Facebook, calendar alerts and tons more from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Link clasp rose goldFrom Link’s screen you can reply to messages, set timers, get GPS-enabled world time, and even use your newly smart wrist kit as a remote control for other gadgets in your life like your tablet, computer or music player.

Not content with simply tethering your entire phone to your wrist, Link also throws activity tracking into its repertoire of wrist-based trickery. With a gyro/accelerator combo, gesture detection, haptic feedback alerts, and optical heart rate sensor, Link tracks all sorts of stats from your daily life for you to ogle at on your wrist – namely pace, step count, distance travelled and heart rate.

Link clasp rose gold 2Like a regular smartwatch, you’ll have to keep Link pumped full of juice regularly. While it’s battery only promises up to 2 days of battery life, it’s easy enough to charge it. Just pop in the USB charging cable like you would your phone.

The clasp itself is made from sturdy stainless steel, and the OLED display is wrapped in sapphire crystal for extra resistance. To make sure there’s one to suit any watch, Link is available in gold, rose gold, polished black, stainless and chrome finishes. It will fit stainless steel bands sized between 18 and 24mm.

Link is keeping its price a secret for now, but you can leave your email here to get $40 (around £30) off when pre-ordering actually starts. There’s no word from its maker, Wearatec, on exactly when that will be.