What's worse than night terrors? Knowing that your child is having them.

Night terrors are the stuff of, well…nightmares, and there’s nothing worse as a parent than knowing you can’t stop your child from suffering their nocturnal horror. But if this Lully Sleep Guardian device is half as effective as it claims to be, there could be nothing but peaceful nights ahead.

The Sleep Guardian device is a Bluetooth-enabled pad that ironically looks a bit like a whoopie cushion. It sits under your child’s mattress and connects to an app on your phone (iOS 7 and higher) to give you full control of its nocturnal activity.

Lully Sleep GuardianIts method of combat actually sounds too simple to be true, but Lully claims it’s been proven to reduce 80% of night terrors for users. Basically, when the device is placed under the mattress and your little one is tucked up cosy in bed, it gently vibrates for up to 3 minutes to send them into a safe stage of slumber.

When your child is asleep, Lully learns to detect when a night terror is happening, and will vibrate to wake them from it. Because night terrors usually happen at around the same time every night, Lully will gradually learn exactly when a night terror is about to happen, and prevent it before it’s even started.

In the app, you’ll have access to all of your child’s night terror metrics, including graphs to help you understand their night terror habits over time, and a heat map to visualise the reduction in severity of the terrors.

Lully Sleep Guardian AppThere are a few customisable features too, including a note-taking function that helps you record your child’s terror triggers, and the ability to toggle the device’s vibration period if you find 3 minutes is too long.

The app also has 24/7 customer service, which puts you in touch with sleep experts to give you a reassuring second-opinion and provide extra advice on beating the demon.

While the Lully app is only compatible with iOS users for now, the good news is that it can work on multiple devices, which means you can hand over care to friends, family, and the babysitter whenever you need to.

If you and your child are ready for serious intervention, you can buy Lully Sleep Guardian for $199 (£138).