These sturdy bar grips provide 3 kinds of bike lights in 1 for complete visibility at night.

Ditch all those clip-on, screw-in lights that are cluttering up your bike and go streamline with these 3-in-1 Lumma bike lights. Packing front lights, rear lights and linear lasers, Lumma are all you need to see and be seen while you’re cycling at night.

Lumma lights fix onto your bars with sturdy lock-on rings, making them feel more like an extension of your bike than any cumbersome accessory. They’re made from aircraft-grade alloy and are UV-resistant, so you can pretty much just pop them on and forget they’re there for all kinds of weather.

Having both front and rear lights rolled into one is a great relief if you’re already managing multiple bike lights, but throw in those liners laser lights, and you can be riding in a safe cocoon of contoured light at just the push of a button.
Lumma lights powered by outlightLumma can be programmed to shine in three modes: full-beam 100% continuous, 70% continuous, and an intermittent flashing mode, which gives you better control over your visibility and the battery life of the lights.

Speaking of which, Lumma’s built-in Lithium battery should give you around 50 hours of continuous use, or around 6 weeks or regular use. To charge them, just plug in a USB cable.

If you’re in the market for a slimmed-down, fuss-free way to ride safe at night, Lumma are a decent little solution – and cheap too. They’ve comfortably overtaken their funding goal over on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order them for $45 (£30), which gives you 54% off their eventual retail price. Shipping is set for August this year.