Digno Rafre is the world's first bath-friendly smartphone that's not afraid of a good old soapy scrub in the tub.

Move over, rubber ducky, because Japanese company Kyocera has launched a soap-proof smartphone that’s about to become our new favourite bubblebath companion.

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OK, it’s not nearly as cute as a rubber duck. And we’re not entirely confident that it floats either. But if there’s one thing that’s for sure, the Digno Rafre is the smartest bath toy we’ve ever met.

Digno Rafre, Kyocera tells us, isn’t just your average waterproof phone that’ll withstand an inadvertent plonk in the toilet. Apparently water with soap in it demands an entirely different mode of defence because of how the slippery soap reduces surface tension.

So what’s its sud-proof secret? We wish it sounded more glamorous, but it’s actually down to a process involving integral moulding of the packing parts.

Yeah… we’re not sure what that means either. But it sounds pretty legit. And Kyocera are openly encouraging buyers to douse the phone in foamy hand soap and scrub away at it to their hearts’ content, so we’re trusting it for now.

The real boon, though, is that Digno Rafre’s touch screen works even when your hands are wet, meaning you can now answer calls with a slippery swipe rather than have to fumble for the nearest towel when someone rudely interrupts bath time.

Not content with conquering the soapy death that awaits it in the bathroom, Digno Rafre is also armed against the knocks and bumps of everyday life. With scratch-healing material on its back face that allows minor abrasions to self-heal, it’ll hopefully look good as new for much longer than your average phone. Especially if you’re taking it for regular dunks in the tub.

The screen’s also super-scratch proof, owing to its high-strength Dragontrail X glass, and it’s slightly recessed to prevent direct impact. Digno Rafre is apparently resistant to shock, dust, hot water and cold weather conditions too, making it ideal for winter sports.

Speaking of sports, it’s also vibration-resistant, which Kyocera says makes it easier to use on a bicycle or motorbike. So that’s, y’know, safe…

Unfortunately for all the thrill-seekers who can’t wait to get their (slimy) hands on the Digno Rafre, it’s only going to be available in Japan for now. We’ll tell you a secret, though. There is another way that you can make your regular smartphone impervious to soap… don’t be a weirdo who washes your phone with soap.


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