Think jewellery is just for looking beautiful? We've got news for you! Fitness Tech company Mira has announced a new line of gorgeous activity-tracking jewellery to bling up your health regime.

Want to track your journey to a healthier you without having to become part human, part robot? Mira’s new activity-tracking jewellery for women is the perfect solution for the fashion-conscious fitness fanatic.

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Announced at CES 2016, the jewellery line includes the Vivid Wellness Bracelet and the Vivid Wellness pendant. With Mira’s modular fitness tracker nestled neatly in each piece of jewellery like a gemstone, data like your steps, distance travelled, elevation and calories burned will be synced automatically with an app on your phone via Bluetooth.

Mira says its app presents all of your stats in a clean and witty way, giving you a wellness story over time that enables you to reflect on and celebrate your progress. There’s even a journal feature which lets you add extra information like what you’re eating, and input specific activities like yoga and cycling.

If the gorgeous trinket on your wrist isn’t motivation enough to keep you up and about, the app will also inspire you with motivational messages and suggested activities to help you get up off your bum and burn off those pesky extra calories.

Now you’ve just got to make the excruciating decision of which piece of jewellery takes your fancy. The bracelet is currently the only one available in Mira’s online shop at $169 (£117), with five sleek colours to choose from, including the dreamy-sounding Rosé All Day and Heart of Gold. The pendant should be joining it any day now. You can also remove the tracker from both and clip it on your clothes if you ever fancy going casual.

The tracker will power on for five days on a single charge, and in case you need a deal breaker, the bracelet comes with its very own charging stand so you can show off your lush accessory when it’s not on your wrist. We’re in love!

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