Closely monitor your every move on two wheels with this Misfit Flash fitness tracker for cyclists that lives on your shoe.

Fans of the popular Misfit Flash fitness tracker can now gather personal fitness data as they pedal away with this new edition for cyclists.

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Housing a 3-axis accelerometer, Misfit Flash Cyclist has special new cadence-sensing abilities that cyclists need to track their performance. When clipped onto your shoe while you ride, this sturdy, water-resistant little device can determine your cadence, distance, speed, pace, and revolutions.

Like the standard model, Misfit Flash Cyclist beams all of your fitness data to a Misfit Flash Cycling app (iOS and Android) in real-time via Bluetooth, giving you the option to check your stats on a handlebar-mounted smartphone during a ride.

Or if you already have a favourite cycling app, you can always pair the tracker with that instead to manage your metrics. Misfit Flash Cyclist is compatible with other cycling apps like MapMyRide, Cyclemeter, iBiker, and tons more.

Of course, Misfit Flash Cyclist wouldn’t be much to rave about if it didn’t come with the usual bag of tricks of a Misfit tracker. As well as being a crafty cycling companion, Misfit Flash Cyclist also tracks your sleep quality and duration, step count, calorie intake, and activities like yoga, swimming, and tennis. You’ll have to pair it with Misfit’s flagship app for all of that.

Misfit Flash Cyclist’s cellular battery will keep it spinning for around six months before you need to pop in a new one. It comes with a band for wrist-based tracking, and a nifty little clip for pedalling.

The really good news? Misfit Flash Cyclist won’t break your Christmas budget. You can grab one of these little fellas for just $49.99 (£34) from


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