Rubbish at forming habits? This little fella wants to help.

If you’re struggling to get some structure in your life, MOTI might just be your answer to a tickety-boo routine.

Currently raking in funding over on Kickstarter, MOTI is a tiny tabletop companion designed to remind, congratulate and encourage you towards healthy habits. Using a series of lights, sounds and vibrations, MOTI gently reminds you when to do that thing, and keeps you motivated with adorable digital cheers.


Tap MOTI to let him know you’ve completed your habit

Its founder Kayla Matheus got the idea for MOTI when she needed an extra shove to do her physical therapy exercises at home, and she wants MOTI to do the same for all kinds of routines. Whether it’s flossing your teeth before bedtime, writing a diary, meditating, practising an instrument or even just drinking more water, MOTI is there to remind you to get down to business.

MOTI is designed to be used for just one single habit that you want to adopt, so the idea is that you pop it nearby where you carry out that habit. If your habit is yoga, for instance, you could pop MOTI on the coffee table right by where you put your yoga mat.


Pop MOTI somewhere convenient to make sure he’s always in the right place to remind you

You can then use MOTI’s companion app to schedule when and how often you need to practise your yoga. The app even takes you through a quick personality quiz to gauge what kind of interactions you will respond to, and MOTI makes sure it tailors its various bleeps and wiggles to your liking.

With MOTI configured to your desired habit, you can leave him to do the hard work. When it’s time for yoga, his face will light up to remind you. While you’re mid-Downward Dog, you can reach over and give him a swift high 5 to let him know you’re on it. He’ll emit an excited little bleep to spur you on, and record your progress in the app.


MOTI will even get cranky if you don’t complete your habit

When he’s not in use, MOTI’s face displays your daily status in colours. If you want a more detailed insight into your life of good habits, you can just fire up the app to see in-depth stats on your progress, which should become more helpful as time progresses.

If you’re wondering what a tiny robot can do for you that reminders on your phone can’t, MOTI’s makers have the perfect answer. Research shows that when we interact with tech that’s semi-anthropomorphised in our real surroundings, our brains interpret them differently and become more accountable by them.

If you’ve already got a habit in mind that you want to crack and you’re yearning for MOTI’s help, you can head over to Kickstarter and grab a super early-bird deal. Prices start at $79 (around £60) for a single MOTI.