The line of smart accessories includes a connected pet collar and a GoPro rival action cam.

Motorola Mobility is launching a motley gang of gadgets for life on the move from a new range called VerveLife.

The range currently has five devices to its name, including a pet-tracking collar, an action camera, and a few variations on the trusty wireless earbud. All the smart devices will connect to VerveLife’s own Hubble app on a phone or tablet (iOS and Android).

VerveLife’s pet tracking dog collar, VerveRetrieve is the first member of the connected kit to catch our eye. The sturdy collar is packing a GPS tracker and an IP67-certified waterproof shell, which not only lets you geo-fence your dog’s whereabouts and get wander alerts, but means it can join you for all manner of outdoor fun too. We’re always pleased to meet pet tech that encourages a bit of puddle jumping.

Second in line is VerveCam, a social camera that shoots 2.5k video with a 138-degree field of view. It comes with a snap-on waterproof sports case that lets you shoot underwater up to 30 metres deep, and can sync with YouTube to live-stream all of your nautical footage (probably featuring your dog).

Next on our growing wish-list are VerveLife’s wireless earbuds, the VerveOnes. Like the rest of the family, they’re water and sweat-proof, and will also power on for 12 hours of continuous jamming. They have a dual mic for hands-free calls from your smartphone too.

Alas, the year is young, and there’s no word on price or availability just yet, but the VerveLife range will be shown off at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) at the end of February, so watch this space.