Putting tech in the hands of kids isn't everyone's idea of great parenting. But what if that tech could keep them safe from danger? Enter CareTime...

It’s tough keeping an all-seeing eye on our kids 24/7, especially when they’re off playing at a friend’s house, hanging out in next door’s garden, and generally prone to wandering off wherever their insatiable curiosity takes them.

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That’s why gadget manufacturer Alcatel has come up with CareTime, a colourful smart watch for kids that acts as a 24/7 lifeline to mum and dad.

With a GPS, 2G connection, and its own SIM card, CareTime lets you exchange calls and voice message with your little ones wherever they are, and perhaps most importantly, view their exact location on a map in a matter of seconds.

Worried little Zac has disappeared through that gap in the school fence again at lunch time? Just log onto the app on your phone (iOS and Android), request a location, and within 60 seconds, Zac’s CareTime watch will transmit his exact coordinates to Google maps for your peace of mind.

If the school fence is that much of a concern, you could even go as far as setting a geofence. This is basically an invisible boundary on a map that sends an alert to your phone when your child crosses it. Just go in the app, draw the fence on the map, and try not to panic next time your phone buzzes.

If its your child that needs the peace of mind, CareTime’s call function puts them just one button’s press away from instant contact with you or other safe adults. With an onboard mic and speakers, your child can easily check in on tea time, let you know they’re OK, or if necessary, make an urgent call for help.

Unlike a regular smartwatch, CareTime is limited to contact with just five registered numbers, and voice messaging with up to ten, so there’s no danger of anyone untrustworthy getting through to your child’s snazzy wrist kit.

CareTime is also IP65 protected, which means it’s resistant to dust and low-pressure water jets. We’ll assume that means it’s not afraid of a bit of dirt and puddle-jumping.

Panicking parents or any mums and dads at the end of their tether with a never-ending game of hide and seek should definitely give CareTime a whirl. It’s relatively inexpensive for what it does too, at just $120 (£80) from Alcatel One Touch.



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