A fun slap-on bracelet that sounds an alarm when your kids stray too far.

It’s not the first time we’ve met smart tech attempting to solve the age-old problem of kids wandering away from mum and dad when their little minds get curious. But MyKid Tag wants to strip back to the basics and be a cheap, no-fuss solution to the fear of losing your children.

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Equipped with a 70 decibel alarm, MyKid Tag is a slap-on bracelet with built-in Bluetooth that automatically sounds when your child strays out of range. With the app in tow (iOS and Android), you’ll also be able to auto-locate your missing child on demand by simply telling the alarm to sound with just a tap of your finger.

You can also use the app to adjust MyKid Tag’s range, which is customisable up to 150 feet. Even at that distance you’ll still be able to hear the alarm sound. 70 decibels is about the same volume as a vacuum cleaner, and we’re all too familiar with that unholy racket.

On that note, we can’t vouch for how pleased your child will be when their wrist-wear starts screeching loudly, but presumably you’ll want to do a few test runs to get them used to the sound. It doesn’t look like the alarm’s volume is adjustable, which would defeat the object anyway.

MyKid Tag runs on a replaceable coin battery, so it’s cheap to run, and the bracelet itself only costs $29.95 (around £21) in the first place. You can buy it here. Shipping outside of the US will ramp up the price to $53.95 (around £38).