A vibrant smartwatch for tiny wrists that's designed for fun and safety.

Most parents would probably be loathe to let their young kids strut around in wearable smart tech, but Omate’s safety-conscious Wherecom K3 smartwatch could be about to change that.

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Wherecom K3 is essentially a lifeline to mum and dad with fun packaging.The vibrant yellow smartwatch for tiny wrists comes packed with GPS, a 3G connection, its own SIM card, and an SOS button, putting your kids just a tap of the finger away from an emergency contact at all times.

The watch connects to an app on your phone via 3G, granting you parental control over things like the watch’s small list of phone number contacts, and a single emergency contact in case the SOS button is ever needed. You can also track the watch’s location from the app, which is pretty useful. There’s a mic and speaker for hands-free calls, and the great thing is that because the watch has 3G, kids don’t need to carry a phone with them in order for it to work.

While Wherecom K3’s safety features are a huge draw, the watch actually spends most of its time as a rather fun smartwatch, with access to games, weather reports, music, and 8GB of storage for pictures and videos. There’s even a step counter to gently ease its little wearer into the world of fitness tracking.

Omate is targeting Wherecom K3 at 6 to 10-year-olds for now. Build-wise, it’s perfectly tailored to miniature wearers, sporting a bright yellow plastic affair with a series of interchangeable soft rubber watch bands. It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

There’s no word on when Wherecom K3 will hit the shops, but you can expect a price tag of $129 (around £93).