Never forget a moment with this ONAGOfly nano drone that automatically follows you around to capture high-res videos and pictures of your adventures.

Fancy being the star of your very own real-life documentary? Try this palm-sized Onagofly drone that tracks, follows, and records you as go about your business.

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Equipped with a GPS tracker, infrared, and a high-res video camera, Onagofly follows you around, avoids obstacles, and streams footage and pictures of your various shenanigans straight to your phone.

To make it soar, all you have to do it tap Onagofly’s activation button. It’ll instantly fly from the palm of your hand into the air, and automatically stalk you to take pictures and record video like a tiny personal paparazzi in the sky.

With an app for iOS and Android, you can toggle Onagofly’s settings to suit your needs. There’s the option to turn off the auto-follow feature and manually control the drone’s navigation with your phone, and even activate smile detection, which means ONAGOfly will snap a pic every time it catches someone loving the moment.

You can also enjoy P2P streaming with the app, which gives you the luxury of watching live footage on your phone in real time. Onagofly’s camera can take 15-megapixel snapshots and shoot 1080p video at 30 frames per second, so all of your memories will be immortalised with crystal-clear clarity.

When you’re ready to share your footage with friends, you can quickly sync all of Onagofly’s captured moments to the app and instantly upload them to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The good news? Onagofly is up for pre-order from Indiegogo for just $199 (£130). The bad? Its battery life is just 15 minutes. Sigh. Probably not going to be shooting that heart-rending biopic any time soon.



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