Oxy is a new contender in the smartwatch market that can suck up notifications from virtually any iOS, Android, or Windows 10 phone.

Launched on Indigogo today, Oxy is vying to be your next wrist-based companion with the claim it’s compatible with virtually any modern smartphone.

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From calendar alerts and task reminders to messages and missed calls, Oxy will give you a helpful nudge every time there’s activity on whatever smartphone you own, and then give you the option to interact with your notifications without even having to dig your phone out of your pocket.

Here’s the really cool bit: you can interact with Oxy using hand gestures. We don’t mean gesticulating like a mime artist with an invisible phone every time you want to answer a call. That would be very clever, but very weird. No, Oxy’s customisable gesture-control feature means you can answer and dismiss calls, open apps, menus, send messages, and more, using various swipes, taps, and subtle shakes of your hand.

Once you’ve mastered the gesture control, you’re also free to delve into the surreal world of voice activation. You can make calls, execute searches, and dictate text by simply talking into your wrist-based microphone.

Another triumph is Oxy’s open-source platform, meaning any company who wants to develop an app or feature can be granted access to its software blueprint. This is great news for anyone who likes to customise their smartwatch’s watch face on a daily basis, because there’s a ton already available to download – and counting. Plus, Oxy’s makers are working on developing tutorials to help you design and create your own customised watch faces.

The watch design itself isn’t too shabby either. It’s available in black or silver stainless steel wither either a round or a square face – à la our angular friend, the Pebble Time. It’s probably as close to a traditional-looking watch as it gets, which should please any aspiring smartwatch wearer who’s terrified about looking like Inspector Gadget.

Whichever model you choose, Oxy is waterproof with a super-sturdy Gorilla Glass screen. It runs for around 72 hours on a single charge, and can even last for up to a week on standby mode. Beat that, Apple Watch.

Oxy also throws a bit of fitness tracking into the mix, with a heart rate tracker, calorie counter, timer, and mileage counter. It’ll fire all of your stats to your phone, where you can sync them with your favourite fitness app.

Pre-order Oxy at an early bird price of just $199 (around £130).


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