Are you ready to tap when you tinkle?

We’ve come across tons of smart tech designed to keep us topped up with life-giving H2O, but it’s mainly been in the form of water bottles and sensors that log what liquids we put into our bodies. So it makes a refreshing change to discover an app that is, to put it crudely, far more interested in what’s coming out.

Yep, we know. Gross. But you’re going to have to get used to it, we’re afraid. Pee & See is based around you being completely at ease with freely sharing information about your trips for a No. 1.

The idea behind See & Pee is pretty simple. Simply tap the Log Pee button every time you spend a penny, and try and stay topped up with water throughout the day. If you don’t log a pee for more than 3 hours, Pee & See will send you a nudge to drink some water and get things flowing again.

Pee & See Apple Watch

Pee & See works on your Apple Watch too so you’ll always know when it’s pee o’clock.

As well as making sure you’re running on healthy levels of H2O, Pee & See also crunches your pee logging data to provide mini insights into your peeing habits.

This the part where some of us are highly likely to develop a dangerously unhealthy preoccupation with our toilet trips. As well as viewing the average time between your last 6 pees, you can track your place on the peeing leaderboard.

We’re not kidding. You can seriously enter the race to become the See & Pee user who pees the most. And what better way to feel superior to your pee-logging brethren than to flaunt the gigantic number of times you urinated last month right in front of their faces?

If you’re thirsty, and a bit weird, you can download Pee & See for your iPhone and Apple Watch here.