Step away from your DSLR to capture stunning shots and time-lapse footage hands-free with this smart Pulse camera remote.

Ever wish you could be in two places at once when you’re setting up a shot? This tiny Pulse device by Alpine Labs conntects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth, giving you the freedom to control your DSLR and be wherever else you need to be at same time.

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From selfies and group shots, to lengthy time-lapse footage and awe-inspiring pictures of outer-space, there are tons of shots that require you to step away from the camera and leave it unattended. But sadly, those kind of shots aren’t always physically possible without your undivided attention.

With Pulse plugged into your camera’s USB port, though, you’ll have to freedom to roam away from the camera and remotely control its activity from a range of up to 100 feet using the Pulse app for your smartphone.

In the app, you can toggle all sorts of variables, like ISO, Aperture, and even shutter speed. You can trigger your camera’s shutter from wherever you are, or set a timer and set back while your camera captures long exposure time-lapse footage over several hours. If you’re doing a day-to-night transition, Pulse’s Exposure Ramping feature gives you the ability to adjust the ISO and shutter speed when the light changes too.

Pulse is also equipped to handle recording video, with a responsive stop and start function that lets you pause and adjust video from wherever you’re standing.

When you’ve got your shot, you can preview a thumbnail in the Pulse app before you’ve even return to your camera. The app will also give you a heads up if there are any factors that might affect your shot whilst you’re setting it up, such as low battery or buffering time.

If you’re a film-maker manning a whole fleet of equipment as a one-man crew, you can even control up to three Pulse devices from one smartphone at once. You’ll have to buy the Pulse devices separately, but they’ll seamlessly sync with the app on your phone so you can intuitively toggle between them.

Pulse is compatible with any Canon or Nikon DSLR, and also the Panasonic GH4. You can pre-order one – or several – from for just $89 (£63), with shipping set for April 2016.

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