If you dread the weekly scrutiny of the bathroom scales, you'll love QardioBase's friendly feedback and helpful analysis.

Anyone who has ever got into the habit of weighing themselves on a regular basis will know it’s far too easy to become fixated on that changing number. QardioBase offers a pleasantly surprising alternative to the weekly grind of stepping on the scales – with smileys and smart feedback.

Unlike a regular scale that simply captures your weight and nothing else, QardioBase is a wireless WiFi scale equipped with a smart brain and advanced sensors to track lots of variables inside your body that contribute towards weight loss and fluctuations.

As well as your weight and BMI, QardioBase can calculate your full body composition, which includes your body fat percentage, muscle, water and bone mass.

QardioBase lifestyle

This means that rather than just watching that number rise and dip, you’ll be able to find out if you’re burning fat and gaining muscle, or whether you’re actually losing weight – and not just water. All of this helpful feedback gets relayed to your wirelessly via QardioBase’s app, which also lets you set goals and track your progress with graphs and charts.

On the scales, however, you’ll just see QardioBase’s smiling LED face to let you know you’re doing OK, along with a gentle vibration when your weigh-in is complete. On the flip-side, you will see a sad face if you’re not doing well. But at least it will feel like somebody cares.


QardioBase is designed for all the family, so it’s equipped with a multi-user mode that automatically knows which family member has stepped on the scale. It also has perks like a pregnancy mode, which lets you closely track your progress and make sure you’re healthy for baby.

You can buy QardioBase here for £129.99.