Banish back pain once and for all with the Quell leg wearable, which promises to electrify your bodily aches into oblivion within minutes.

Wake up with back pain again this morning? Sick of the same old dodgy nerve in your leg giving you gyp? Maybe it’s time to try Quell, the wearable leg band that provides systemic relief from a whole host of bodily aches and pains by zapping them with super-smart electric pulses.

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Quell’s secret is intense nerve stimulation technology. So intense, in fact, that its makers NeuroMetrix describe it as a “powerful punch of neurotechnology”.

Essentially, when Quell stimulates your sensory nerves with an electrical pulse, it triggers your body’s natural pain relief response and blocks pain signals in the body. It’s as simple – and hardcore – as that.

From chronic back, foot and leg pain to fibromyalgia pain and arthritic aches, Quell claims to get to work fast to kill a vast range of nuisance aches that plague your life. An entire therapy session wearing Quell lasts around an hour, with its soothing effects beginning to work their magic within just 15 minutes.

The cool bit (Aside from the super-sonic pain relief, that is)? Quell is controlled completely by an app on your smartphone. Once you’ve strapped the lightweight band around your upper calf, all it takes is just a quick tap of the app to activate Quell. When you’re satisfied the pain demons are under control, tell Quell to stop by tapping the app quickly four times.

You can increase the intensity, set automatic therapy session times, and get this – even have Quell zap away while you’re asleep, with the ability to manually customise sleep settings. Quell will also track your sleep patterns so you can see a summary of your painless night’s sleep in the app come morning.

The band also houses an accelerometer, which can sense when you’re lying and standing, so it can kick into nocturnal mode when it knows you’re asleep.

Granted, this all sounds a bit sci-fi. But NeuroMetrix has the stats to back it up. A clinical study of Quell found 81 per cent of participants reported improvement with chronic pain and overall health, with 61 percent claiming they used less pain medication as a result of using the wearable.

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