With Revolar, you'll never feel alone when you're out by yourself...

These days, everyone has instant access to their friends and family with their mobile. But what about times when it’s more dangerous to pull out your phone – like when you think you’re being followed? And what happens when you’re in danger, but you don’t know exactly where you are?

Enter Revolar, the tiny, discreet, yet wholly-empowering wearable that provides an instant lifeline to your friends and family whenever you’re in danger. Revolar works by connecting to your phone via low-energy Bluetooth. When you press its button, Revolar issues a text alert to a group of your chosen emergency contacts to let them know you need a friend, accompanied by your GPS location in real-time so they can see updates about your changes in movement.

Revolar app

With just a couple of taps, Devolar shows your friends and family whereabout you’re in danger.

To help your emergency contacts understand your level of danger, Revolar operates on two levels. Give it two brisk taps, and it will send out a yellow alert for moderate danger. Give it three, and it will send out a red alert for serious danger. Exactly what those two alerts mean is entirely down to you, so when you first set up those emergency contacts it’s important to have a conversation about what both yellow and red alerts mean.

When you think about, that small inch of customisation is actually where Revolar gets super-clever. A red alert for you isn’t necessarily what the next person would class red alert for the next person, so by simple splitting your alert system into two categories, Revolar gives you the power to decide how it fits in with your lifestyle, the kind of areas you visit, and the things that make you feel threatened.

To keep things ticking along nicely, Revolar runs on a standard coin cell battery that should give you around a year of use. The device is also certified IP68 waterproof, so don’t panic if you accidentally drop this little fella in the washing bowel.

Regardless of whether you’re streetwise or easily-scared, Revolar is a great way to feel safe in the unpredictable situations that can crop up when you’re unprepared. Plus, it’s just $99 (£68), which is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Buy Revolar here and get two handy clips to attach it to your keys or clothes.