Revols are Bluetooth earphones that magically mould themselves to the unique shape of your ears in just 60 seconds, for the perfect fit.

The Revols earphones appear at first glance like your average Bluetooth set. There’s a thin cable to connect them up at the back of your neck, tiny microphones embedded in each ear bud, and silicone ear buds to keep them in place. All fairly standard.

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But those aren’t just silicone ear buds. They’re specially formulated nanocomposite silicone gel ear buds, which are jelly-like and malleable. Stuffed inside your ears like that, they’re not going to be much good. But pop them in, tap a button in the smartphone companion app, and something rather incredible starts to happen.

As soon as they’re activated via the app, the Revols tips start to harden, and in just 60 seconds they’ll be kept at the just the right shape for good.

No more ill-fitting one-size-fits-all affairs that cause ear pressure, stabbings pains, or simply fall out of your ears at the slightest sign of turbulence. Just a cleverly customised pair of super smart earphones.

Of course, Revols are smart in other ways too. Those tiny mics in the earpieces come in handy for the Revols Adjustable Soundscape function. That means you can control which ambient sound you can hear while your music is playing. It’s useful if you want to be alert to traffic or conversations while you’re listening to tunes.

As with other Bluetooth headphones, you can easily switch from music mode to take a hands-free call using Revols too. Their makers claim they’ll give you eight hours of play time off a charge, and they can be extra sweat and water-resistant if you snap on a pair of additional sports skins.

Jump in line for a pair of Revols over at their Kickstarter campaign. They’re currently going for an early bird price of $169 (around £111).


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