Want to get slope-ready before you hit the powder? Jump into these Roller Skis.

Norwegian maker of outdoor sports equipment RollerSafe has incorporated wireless hydraulic disc brakes into its classic Roller Skis to make practising out of season a breeze.

These redesigned dry land wheels connect to an app on your phone to ensure that variables like balance, weight, brake effect and skis-to-phone comms are the best they can be.

RS Roller Skis appWith the app in hand, you can adjust parameters like brake force and monitor battery status while you ride, and also access user manuals for help on the fly.

Perfect for both beginners and pros to fit in some pre-season prep, or simply a great way to cure your withdrawal for the white stuff (we mean snow) when you’re away from the mountain.

The latest Roller Skis are up for grabs at around £400. Buy them here.