Could wild horses drag you out of bed in the morning? Fat chance. But this Ruggie alarm clock reckons it can...

We’ve all been there. One tap of the snooze button for just five more precious minutes in bed, then another, then another….then, bam! It’s three minutes before you need to leave for work, and you have to spend the rest of the day feeling, looking and stinking like Stig of the Dump.

But help for the serial snoozer is finally here in the form the genius Ruggie alarm clock. Ruggie is a soft and fluffy mat that sits on the floor by your bed and can only be silenced when you actually drag your lazy behind out of bed and stand on it.

Ruggie memory foamWith Ruggie, there’s no danger of sliding down the slippery repeat-snooze slope. When its alarm sounds, it won’t stop until you’ve stood upright on it for three seconds. The idea is that once those three seconds are over, you won’t be tempted to crawl back under the covers because you will have conquered the one thing you find the hardest in the world to do: get up.

Being forced to stand up when you’ve already been rudely awakened might not sound like the happiest start to a day, but it’s not all bad. Ruggie is made from a memory foam pad covered in a soft fleecy fabric, which when you think about it is like a big warm hug for your feet as a reward for their early morning touchdown.

Ruggie comes with a series of pre-set soothing alarm sounds such as the usual birdsong and babbling brook, but you can add your own alarm sound if you like. All you have to do is plug Ruggie into your computer with its USB cable and drag over your audio file of choice.

RuggieYou can also make use of Ruggie’s own online audio library, which will launch once Ruggie is on the market. There will be motivational speeches and all sorts of alternative wake-up calls to get you in the groove for the day.

All of Ruggie’s tech is hidden snugly underneath its fleecy coating, so there’s no chance you’ll break it by stomping on it in your groggy morning stupor. There’s a bright LED display in the corner showing the time, which is right next a concealed zip that houses the alarm’s control panel.

When you want to clean Ruggie, you can simply take out the control panel and sling the rest in the washing machine. Ruggie runs on three AAA batteries which give it over a year of life.

If you’re desperate to beat the morning monster, you can head over to Indiegogo and pre-order Ruggie for $79 (around £60). It’s completely stomped all over its funding goal, so it should be on track for shipping in September.